restaurant parkheuvel

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find it in | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
we did | Concept and Interior Design on an ongoing basis

Our place on the interior design map came about as a result of commissions from some of the Netherlands’ most exclusive restaurants. This vision was the basis of the ambience in four of the Netherlands’ Michelin-starred restaurants, and of these four, Restaurant Parkheuvel in Rotterdam was probably the best known, as it was the first in the country to be awarded three Michelin stars. Until the master-chef Cees Helder and his wife Rosalie retired from restaurant cooking in 2006, Parkheuvel was arguably the premier restaurant in the country. We oversaw the remodelling of its interior for over eight years and this work included the restaurant, salon, kitchens and platinum clad toilets. It was following the second refurbishment in 2003 that the third Michelin star was awarded.