Name Change!


FG stijl Interior design LLC (DUBAI) then, now GDS | Glintmeijer Design Studio

The same founder, the same team, the same service but easier to pronounce.



GDS | Glintmeijer Design Studio LLC, formerly known as FG stijl Interior Design LLC Dubai.
The same founder, the same team, the same service, but easier to pronounce – is our tagline for the start of 2018 in Dubai.

This extraordinary transformation marks our departure from classical European sensibility of luxury we have been creating for 22 years towards a refreshed, more contemporary approach to design and the type of spaces we make since establishing our Dubai office in July 2014.

At the same time, this change is a culmination of adapting our company’s business strategy and way of working with the local market based on the founder’s profound understanding of clients’ expectations in the Middle East. GDS | Glintmeijer Design Studio LLC also represents the firm’s boutique nature and personal commitment to this region, where only a few companies are led by founders/owners – a value considered by clients with high regard.  

The flagship projects we are working on include - 

  • Revitalizing the Tiara Residence on the Palm Jumeirah into the Hyatt Centric the Palm for Wasl

  • Building a fashion-inspired Vida Dubai Mall for Emaar Hospitality, a premium property of Vida Hotels & Resorts

  • Crafting the first Bellagio Resort and Private Villas by MGM on one of the most exclusive destinations - the Island, for Wasl

Just like we love to bring a home feeling to our major-scale projects, we are excited to bring a taste of luxury hospitality into selected residential projects or create standalone F&B identities around town that are unique and talk-worthy.

GDS’s design DNA, with 24 years of crafting luxury hospitality projects the world over, is a starting point for this newly refreshed brand committed to the region. We thrive on challenging hospitality projects that require unconventional design thinking that’s ahead of what already exists in the market. We are very excited to share this news and announce this new direction that honours who we are as a company today and who we will be for decades to come.

Glintmeijer Design Studio